Comprehensive Financial Planning

We know each client is unique and we are committed to getting to know you and the things that matter to you most.  The planning process consists of an initial call to get to know you, followed up with additional discussions to understand your specific financial needs to establish explicit goals.  From these discussions, we develop a comprehensive financial plan and strategies to boost your chances of reaching your financial destination.  Areas of concentration include but are not limited to tax, investment, retirement, estate, college and insurance planning. Comprehensive Financial Planning consists of an upfront charge in the range of $500-$2,500.

Ongoing Planning

Life doesn't stop after the financial plan and neither do we.  We will continue to monitor the plan, check off milestones, and have follow up calls to discuss how you are tracking towards your goals.  If you are like most people, you're not ready to implement the plan by yourself and need help with achieving your goals such as, "When can I retire?", "How do I start a college or house purchase fund?", or “How do I manage my stock compensation.” We can help.  Ongoing planning consists of the upfront charge above plus a monthly charge in the range of $100-$500/month*.

Investment/Wealth Management   

At Barson Financial Planning we believe that markets are efficient.  This means that markets will price in new information instantly, so we do not try to time the market.  Rather, we build a well diversified portfolio based on your risk level, your goals, objectives, and time horizon.  We use exchange traded funds and/or mutual funds based on a recommendation.  We use academic research to identify areas of superior performance and implement those areas into portfolios.  Also, we custody your assets at a well recognized third party custodian, to remove any conflicts of interest.  Our annual advisor fee is based on the market value of the assets under management and is calculated on a tiered schedule ranging from 1.0% to 0.60%. This fee schedule is for combined relationships over $250,000. Investment management fees are calculated and paid quarterly.

*For smaller account values, investment management can be considered as part of Ongoing Planning.