Barson Financial Planning creates your financial playbook, to help you realize your dreams.

How We Advise



Money doesn't come with a guidebook. It can feel like you have many obstacles to creating wealth.  We are committed to getting to know you and the things that matter to you, to create a strategy that meets your needs.




You may have questions about investing, retirement, managing debt, or even college planning.  We'll develop a financial plan to model the path to delivering your goals. Every recommendation is in your best interest, as your financial stewards.



Once we agree on the best plan, we will implement the portfolio in a way that is customized for you.  Our investment strategies are based on well proven academic research, and created by an experienced team - not based on the latest fad or market trends.




Life is dynamic and evolving. We continually monitor the strategy and your investments, adjusting if circumstances change.  Our goal is to provide the best guidance, to ensure you are prepared to meet your unique goals.

Why Choose Us



Barson Financial Planning has a fiduciary duty.  We have to put your interests ahead of our own.  Unlike some financial institutions, advice and guidance we provide must be in your best interest.



Our philosophy is based on a fee-only advising model. This model is designed to provide an impartial view when giving financial guidance. We only charge a fee based on work we do, we don't earn a commission for selling investment products, nor do we receive compensation for referrals.     



You will be partnered with a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNING PROFESSIONAL™, as your advisor.  These advisors are required to pass rigorous exam requirements, retain deep industry experience, and meet education benchmarks to keep this certification.   


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Most firms work with clients that have a minimum investment level. At Barson Financial Planning, we don't have a minimum investment level, serving all thresholds.



You'll work with a tenured team with deep financial services experience and knoweldge serving all income levels and life-cycles. Expertise ranges across social security, retirement and estate planning, stock options, tax strategy, family planning, and educational goal strategies, to name a few.



We know how valuable your time is, offering flexible meeting times. We provide tools to simplify the planning process and easy access to information.  Barson Financial Planning uses the newest technologies to streamline the on-boarding and financial management process.    


Drop us a line at and let us know how we can help. Or, call us anytime at (650) 701-7523.  

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David Barson is the founder of Barson Financial Planning.  Barson Financial Planning is a fee only financial planning and investment firm based in San Mateo, CA.  We serve clients based locally as well as clients located across the country.